Tree Planting
Guernsey Trees for Life (GTFL) aims to plant over 1000 tree and hedge plants every year season in Guernsey and is gearing up to plant more for this coming planting season. If you live in Guernsey and own land you may be able to benefit from GTFL’s planting scheme. Apply now using the downloadable form – links above. Our policy is to plant native and naturalised species of trees on marginal land ie land which is not already being used for other purposes such as gardens or prime agriculture. Although we generally focus on larger plantings (above 30-40 trees/site) we are more concerned with finding the best sites to plant rather than planting as many trees as possible so we will consider smaller sites if their planting makes a significant contribution to the public amenity of an area.

If you are an organisation or business looking to invest in the environment for general benefit then get in touch with us directly. Whilst most of our funding goes on local planting, from time to time, we also fund the planting of trees overseas through the International Tree Foundation (

Guernsey Trees for Life invites applications from landowners in Guernsey to be considered for a planting scheme of 30+ native trees or 50+ metres of native hedging on suitable land.