Sarnia Hotels
08 Jul

Sarnia Hotels have introduced an option for staying guests to choose not to have their rooms serviced daily. This saves both energy and water, and reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals used all of which helps the environment, and in addition the hotel group will be donating to Guernsey Trees for Life to assist with planting native trees and hedgerows.  

Karel Harris, Managing Director of Sarnia Hotels said “We only started this initiative at the beginning of April, and we are delighted that many of our guests are choosing this option for some of the days of their stays with us. Today we can present Guernsey Trees for Life with £1272.00 for the first two months, and going forwards we will make our donations on a quarterly basis. I know how critical it is that we stop biodiversity loss, and planting native trees helps pollinators and birds alike.” 

Will Roger, Chair of Guernsey Trees for Life said “Sarnia Hotels’ generous donation is a great example of a business putting money where its mouth is, for the longer term. Not only will this initiative help improve our environment it will also help to protect it as well. We’ll ensure that the monies given will go straight into the supply & planting of native trees & hedging across the island, now and into the future”

Photo above shows (l-r):  Alan Ritchie, Colin Dodd & Andy McCutcheon (GTFL); Karel Harris & Calum Le Noury (Sarnia Hotels)

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